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    Should Money Come From Work Alone?


    Sep 26, 2018
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    No. Money should be free for those who cannot attain it by work alone but by allowances, weekly allowances, payments, token, offerings, from institutions and governments, from funding institutions. These do not require interests and must be free to offset certain difficulties in life. Like motherhood, stay-at-home moms, new graduates, unemployed, the sick and disabled and children. If money does not come at the right time, poverty sneaks up on you.

    Since Wall Street financial meltdown its been tough getting a job, in fact, people still cannot get jobs, this is critical information because I’m fed up with the lies of 3.7% unemployment. U3 and U6 indicates 21.7% unemployment, conservatively. The number climbs higher when most obvious factors come in, student default rate, credit default rate, adult working populations minus working population, youth unemployment and student unemployment. These are the integers that must be counted.

    Remember the day the Dollar came into being.

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