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    Small Country Like Ghana is Definitely Not Small


    Sep 28, 2018
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    African Americans come from Ghana too, so is the rest of the Caribbean and beyond. Ghana President Akufo-Addo’s speech is reflective of his narrow vision of Ghana and its history.  Ghanaians or Nigerians are not alone in the world.  Their influence stretches all around the world, especially the Americas and good for Nana Akufo Addo because he is obtuse.

    Nana Akufo Addo wants Ghana to be recognized and not ignored just like those fatwigs in Washington circles aka African America bigwigs. He is declaring that Ghana is forging an economic relationship with China and do not forget that America.  He revealed the secret that America goes to China to wallow in economic baskets.

    Africans shouldn’t gripe too much when they can also build a bridge between western Africa and the Americas – Brazil, the Caribbeans and so on.

    I wouldn’t gloat right now because the people of Asia loves and looks up to Europeans and America especially.  They aspire to be American and westerns Europeans and lay on the same continent as Europe.  They’ve traded most powerfully while Africans have been so mistreated as slaves, as you well know.  Asia is not Africa’s friend, nor Indian is Africa’s friend.  Europe and America is, their people consistently attest to and react racially even economically to west Africans.  Indigenous Blacks in Asia are systematically derided and impoverished and ignored by the Asian Tigers like Malaysia, Singapore (very Chinese) Hong Kong, (very Chinese), Taiwan (very Chinese), Macao, (very Chinese).

    Chinese are indeed no small potatoes, ask Native Americans who parade as ‘Native’ when infact some are very Asian looking and Chinese, Japanese, Philipinos, Indonesian, Pacificians, Hawaiians etc.

    They are never mistreated as you west Africans. Then the Arabs in northern Africa. Need I say more?

    Nana Addo mentions the huge illicit funds that flow out of the Continent Africa.  We know the French Central Bank (EU bank?) forces Francophone countries to pay colonial tax of $500 per year into the coffers of the French.

    According to AfroLegend.com and SiliconAfrica.com on GlobalResearch.org, ”

    That is why Africa and west Africa in particular never have its own independent monetary systems to administer to their hearts wishes. The French holds the National Reserves of fourteen African countries since 1961.

    I believe the French use the currency printing to exert control and influence over the economic life of the Francophone countries. It means the legacy of this nebulously painful relationship still goes on.

    It is very funny because money is essentially a printed paper commodity, anybody can print it, given the temerity and the science to back it so why are African leaders kowtowing to France of all countries and why?  The Bills are overly inflated numbers, ranging from 500CFA to a 10,000 CFA.

    The above Bill of 100CFA should not go beyond the number. Rather it should precede 20CFA and 50CFA should be rare, as with the Dollar, which is well managed up to a point. France continues to thrive on this practice and must be stopped.

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