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    South Africa And Its Quest For Violence


    Sep 6, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff Friday September 6, 2019

    *Featured: South Africa has a version of Eye Witness News, Sept 3, 2019, Youtube.

    Maybe South Africans should be educated about the ground works of systematic support that came from west African countries in particular before they think they liberated themselves all alone and that they fight alone, without any west Africans help. They should check the activities and chronicles of west Africa’s help in particular before they think west Africans do not contribute to their freedoms and economic success.

    Maybe we should knock some sense into that South African sense of injustice and uppitiness that they exhibit towards other Africans, in general, that we won’t take any nonsensical violence and unnecessary uncouth behavior from them. If they do not know how to live with people they should ask.

    They can start learning some Ashanti and Yoruba languages and visit west Africa frequently and feel at home. There are many sights and scenes that can gladdened their hearts, not to mention love connections. They need admixtures to keep their alleles diverse, to survive.

    Dr. Mumbi Show:

    Video: Dr. Mumbi Show, Sept 5, 2019, Youtube.

    We are not talking about whites, we are talking about South Africans in particular. Stop the so called resistance against fellow human beings, it’s not their fault.

    South Africans should not look at their European counterparts alone, but fellow Africans as friends. A friend in need, is a friend in deeds. Show deeds by being civil and accommodating to everybody and Africans in particular.

    We love South Africans and pray for Namibians also.

    We’ve never seen whites in South Africans worship gatherings, ever. Stop being nasty to whites and embrace them.

    Video: Africa News, Sept 5, 2019, Youtube

    We hope South Africans will get it together…The Daily Show With Trevor Noah:

    Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Sept 6, 2019, Youtube

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