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    South Africa Is Not Cut Off From The Rest Of Africa, Ramaphosa!


    Sep 6, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, Friday September 6, 2019

    *Featured: Africa News, Sept 6, 2019, Youtube

    President Ramaphosa, address Africans as Africans, they are not “foreigners”. Say, ‘Fellow Africans’, you f”king moron. And why is he reading from a scripted console?

    Get off that f”king high horse and address the aggrieved African community properly.

    This has been going on for decades and we don’t know why. Previously…SABC News:

    Video: SABC Digital News, Feb 24, 2017, Youtube

    There’s the need to incorporate South Africans into the continent itself for them to stop that s”t.

    When the Africans start boycotting goods and services, then maybe they will stop those bizarre attacks.

    Al Jazeera English:

    Video: Al Jazeera English, Sept 5, 2019, Youtube

    So build the biggest markets so the business communities can trade in a safe environment. Why is Ramaphosa a duffos or what? Employ those doing the killings and beatings to start digging for construction and pay them well so they can earn a decent living. Shame, Ramaphosa!

    Make it a common market so people can trade honestly, that’s prosperity, you moron.

    Have African representation in the communications, not those “foreigners”, you keep referring to. No one is a foreigner. Call them brethrens, you lovable idiot. Get off your fat ass and do something before your reputation erodes from the African communities that adores you so.

    It’s not a white problem, it’s your problem.


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