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    South African Fights For Land Rights


    Oct 28, 2018
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    JuliusMalema gives a Lecture:

    Malema said, ‘you dont know your skills because you’ve not been given the opportunity to demonstrate your capacity”. He said even if you fail you have to be given the opportunity till you get it right. Meaning aspirants should be given the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from it to grow in that opportunity.  There should be no such thing as “Black failure”. Give opportunity to novices, you never know their potential for success.  Give opportunities to aspirants to do well in their mandations.  Government should not give up on Black people or aspirants. no exclusivity whatsover.  “Japan invested its money in Toyota, what you see today, it failed many times but Japan never stopped putting money into Toyota until Toyota became what it is today. It was an initiative of the government that have never given up on themselves. You give up on yourselves easily and you are told by your enemies to give up on yourself. Your enemy tells you, ‘you can’t do it’, and you believe that. They are telling you everyday that Black people cannot run a successful economy, you believe that. Stop the self hate. It starts with you.” How does it start? If an African is self clean, self respecting, Malema said. “He will not tolerate nonsense coming from any direction. We ought to love ourselves’…no amount of distraction should sway you. If you fail, if you feel weak, look at successful samples opf people who have made it, just like yours and won. Finish the journey you started.

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