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    South Africa’s Bleeding: Malema Fights White Supremacy and White Economic Domination and Whiteness


    Sep 26, 2018
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    Oppenheimer and Rupert, diamond cartel barons in south Africa. Julius Malema protests the grip-hold of above-mentioned men determined to hold on to economic power as if Africans have equal privileges in European markets. It looks like land issues there are more than just Agro-business. Its also diamond, gold and other resources. Why are Europeans there in south Africa? I’m curious.

    Malema simple says Black south Africans must own the means of production. He said he does not hate white people (see Julius Malema -Plz Leave Me Alone DA, I Dont Owe You Anything”, youtube), he just loves Black people. Black people are oppressed in south Africa, in the continent and in the world.

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