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    South Africa’s Inequality


    Sep 25, 2018
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    Part of South African economy suffers from grinding poverty. In all Africa in general has a reputation for being the poorest continent but in South Africa, its the indigenous population that experiences grinding poverty. It has caused a deep, systemic chasm within the country. Its like night and day where Europeans (again?) make up the privileged class and indigenous populations suffer humiliating defeat with poverty. Just like Australian Aborigines and Africans in Diaspora with the fellow sufferers, native Americans.

    It is a curse and a systemic injustices practiced by White Europeans. It is disgusting and must stop by all means possible. European occupation is a tease of a kind – very provocative and downright rude. The separation between the rich white European and the poor African must end at once. Its bizarre and a severe provocation. Indigenous South Africans must have tons of patience. I must say most strongly, not only do away with European inequal cultural presence but also the practice of rish and poor in general. Its an eye sore. This is a chasm between European provocateurs and African indignants. Even in neighboring Namibia, its endemic there too. Why?

    Just take control to gain respect for Africans then perhaps Chinese who come in to trade will not get too comfortable following a footstep of a mean snake.

    Is this the relationship Europeans Whites want to have with African forebears? What about the ANC government? Is Mandela a sellout? This bloke might have left the system intact. Sweet.

    I would say that this type of injustice is economic deprivation and generational poverty. It must be gotten rid of.

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