South Africa’s Land Vs African American Landlessness

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Yorbing Staff Tuesday April 23, 2019

European Dutch in southern African grab land they want to hold onto while south Africans remain direly poor and impoverished for generations. The same group of Europeans viciously fight African American and strip them of right to own land. As if it the very essence of whiteness on earth and a sole right to other people’s lands.

We do not see any African go to even their own northern border, north Africa, claiming land or beyond the Mediterranean to where Spain, Italians, Hungarians and Albanians dwell, to take land from them.

Why do Europeans fight so hard to take land from Africans and African Americans? Why? Isn’t this economic disparity glaring enough? Have we even started to talk about Australia or Argentina?

Cecile Rhode Island? Whites lay claim to lands and march their inalienable rights to resources.

Europeans in Argentina are comfortable enough to ethnically cleanse Africans from Argentina and claim they are holier than thou. Whites conveniently marched in Washington DC in their christianized robes to assert their sovereignty over lands that do not belong to them and ethnically cleanse inhabitants of Black descent worldwide, for their benefit and so did it stay that way for generations, impoverishing Blacks worldwide, except Asians.

Blacks in Africa and worldwide need to set up a court system to judge these atrocities and address whites’ genocide of Blacks. Its shocking that Europeans of all people should ‘reform’ lands for Africans in Africa. What the hell is that?

Exactly what relation does Europeans have over Africans? Europeans are all over the earth with the same attitude. Whites where-ever do not have rights over any body’s land or countries. Nobody goes to Europe to do grab land. They been left relatively in peace for them to prosper. Why do they viciously fight Blacks so much? Its obvious to everyone by now.

Argentina is the most sorrowful and a warning to southern Africans including Namibians.

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