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    The Reasons For Rich


    Aug 18, 2018
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    Australian model of Britain-turned “Australia”, even the name is Austria north of Italy and part of the Hapsburg dynasty empire.  Due to intermarriages they are able to pass on tutelage and inheritance of properties including ‘companies’ and lands (remember labor is a large part of starting a country or nationhood) so they start a company by preparing a portion of land, put some shelters for laborers, joints and focus of produce and the process of production through equipment and efficiency then voila! The British’s success is their unusual efficiency in carrying orders out for their forebears and masters back in the startup hub of European castles and institutions.  Australia British, with some spirited Italian blood are coldly efficient but unruly in their own right unlike Dutch and Germanics who struggle in south Africa even though they try to wrestle resources by force to feed Europe.  Remember Europe is rich due to glut of goods and service massing on this small western region part of Europe with ethereal proportions.  This of colonization aid Europe and feed them ad nauseum.  These politicians, fanned out in the so-called territories feed their mother nations by returns of their investments in the territories and their co-bearer brethren, their kind who hold the fort extremely well for the Crown and country.  Hence the opposition of president Obama and indigenous populations.  If it comes to feeding Europe and by expansionism, wealth acquisition and living above others trumps every compassion ever felt for human kind.

    Key remedy:

    • stop using their languages
    • write in your own language and inscriptions
    • feel proud about your being
    • and take care of the environment
    • do not chase wealth, which they are drunken on and hold you to account to participate in
    • be content with what you have, in your corner
    • excel at the little you have to grow it
    • ask others to help you
    • trade with those who like and respect and will not cheat or embarrass you like how a large section of Europeans have embarrassed us.
    • avoid ethnic cleansing
    • do not be afraid of Europeans ‘sanctions’ even they steal viciously from us

    Julius Malema said European hegemons, European Americans, British and EU will come after Africans if land is taken back from Europeans in south Africa, like how they’ve impounded lands in Namibia by the gun and terror and embedding deep generational poverty of the natives in Namibia.

    Ethnic cleansing will be intensified by them by whites right wingers trained by racist Europeans in Israel posing as ‘Jews’ in Pretoria. ‘Jews’ concept is personal and ideological. Most are the same Caucasus and eastern Europeans and their adherents in Europe and impounded parts of northern Africa. Its mythology.  They bring up the concept of ‘Israel’ a holy place and Jehovah to gain legitimacy and robbery of resources including occupation but actually hate the Lord and in line to white supremacists, like McNaughton.  “Jews” who are actually Europeans are used as snipers to shot down Africans.  They are trained on farms in Pretoria to snipe. I’m sure white Americans militants  are involved.

    These armed terrors guard against Africans’ wealth or well being It has generationalized poverty in Africa as a whole, in international trades and in commerce.  The stark differences between European lifestyle and Africans abroad and at home is heartrenchingly sad.

    Africans almost never rise up to strike their European enemies, in fact Biblical Jews will call Europeans the enemy of Israel

    • Prepare for war.
    • expropriation of land without compensation
    • heinous slave labor without compensation
    • generational poverty without compensation
    • long-term unemployment without compensation.

    We’ve heard reports (not the fully fledged picture yet) of African genocide in Argentina and we are still searching for it to come out. Redfish documentary in Namibia is noted.  If Zimbabwe’s sanctions is designed to cripple their economy, its noted also. And especially African American police brutalities and genocide against them.

    Checkout ADL.org:

    White supremacists in the United States have made such claims for years.  In early 2012, ADL’s Center on Extremism documented how white supremacists in the United States were gearing up for protests as part of something they termed the “South Africa Project (SAP).” The goal of the organizers, which included representatives from major neo-Nazi, racist skinhead, “traditional white supremacist,” Christian Identity groups, as well as racist prison gangs, was to stop the alleged ‘genocide of Whites’ in South Africa. The protests originated in 2011 at the hands of Monica Stone, a long-time member of the Louisiana-based white supremacist Christian Defense League and immigrant from South Africa.

    Since then, white supremacist references to “genocide” in South Africa have been common. Richard Spencer, for example, focused on the plight of the “Boers” in South Africa in his March speech at Michigan State University, suggesting the United States might see something similar.

    We would hope that the President would try to understand the facts and realities of the situation in South Africa, rather than repeat disturbing, racially divisive talking points used most frequently by white supremacists.”

    Interesting bit.

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