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    Student Loan Nightmares


    Dec 18, 2018
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    Instead of solving the monetary problems, why blame the student who needs money? Talk to the federal reserve system to pay people well so we dont have to borrow in the first place. Its not people making monetary decisions, its the federal reserve system that encourages borrowing. Raise wages, give allowances to young people and graduates to kickstart their careers without borrowing. Why, are we your bondsmen?

    Raise wages, give decent pay. Fox news argument assumes there are jobs with decent pay like $18-$100 an hour for a grad with student loan. Give incentive startup money for grads who want to build their own businesses.

    Stop monopolizing businesses so we can contribute to creativity in the market place! This is absurd and totally debilitating. We wont work hard at anything when we have to work for some bigwig white male for peanuts. Fox news analysis is a wrong path, dont take it.

    U.S. certainly does NOT have the best schools, where have you been all these while? First of all Americans are students, not hegemons. making college free should be the new in-policy. Its a NO to DeVos. Sorry but no.

    I dont agree with TYT but this is the take:

    The premise for the $150million is too narrow. Student loans is in Trillions and we need total forgiveness. Make schools free. And dont fall into this trap either. The premise is deceptive. See below:

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