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    Aug 28, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff Wednesday August 28, 2019

    Music industry does not have a solid, sober financial, stable environment for growth. Its a trysts, chaotic and anything-goes industry so the people that play are deem unreachable and lacks communication skills in public.

    *Featured: Music Millionaires, Youtube.

    Just dont get trapped into signing ‘a record label’ away…By World King (caution: too much swear words, uugh).

    Video: World King, Jan 8, 2019, Youtube.

    An Interesting analysis of production costs and returns but it still doesn’t make sense…By Kyoku:

    Video: Kyoku, Sep 3, 2018, Youtube.

    Below by Urban Trademark:

    Video: Urban Trademark, July 14, 2019, Youtube.

    And a part 2 of Urban Trademark below:

    By Sauce Records, Youtube.

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