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    Teach Kavanaugh and Mitch McConnell A Lesson About Raping Women


    Oct 5, 2018
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    Senator Mitch McConnell Resign!

    “Rape is not sex, it is torture”, Dr. Denis Mukwege, nobel peace prize winner on Congo war rape crimes. It is the crime that is more important, violence against women and children by men and boys who think they can harm a female sexually and get away with it. A threat to progress America has made so far.  “Falls short of character”, said Senator Chuck Schumer today.  High standard to judicial

    Reminds us of the horrific ongoing victimization and  consistent raping of African girls working in the Middle East, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Dubai.

    Mich McConnell is a coward, a racist bigot, not very smart, I wonder how he got his leadership from. A dispassionate persecutor, cold and mean.  He takes issues personal without persistent facts, it’s irrelevant to him, even a live experience. Rude and a blind fool, a danger to children, particularly, girl adolescents. He is a consuming racist that dreams to persecute Africans and minorities and his own people, whites.

    Let him resign. Irresponsible white hegemons. No wonder you shoot minorities. They’ve been given the chance for change and they maintained white hegemony. An unprotective racket that maintains sorrow of capture and insanity. Stop Republicans.



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