The Murderer Speaketh

“Dont Expect Me To Win All The Wars”-Saudi Crown Prince at the Saudi Investor Summit Oct 24, 2018


Most participants at the failed Saudi Investor Summit were loyal Saudis, giving crown prince standing ovation. The crown prince  Mohamed salam doesn’t seem to regret what he and his hit squad has done. Salman wants to exert his spiritual authority over them as lieu to the Muslim Black Box worship center in Saudi Arabia.

The goon expects to go scot free and for his guards to be the sacrificial lamb for him to survive his kingship. It shows the pattern of thinking of traditionalistic societies, not withstanding the scientific and technological evidence, including DNA samples that modernism uses to solve mysteries that Saudis royal society holds sway over millions of their ‘religious’ adherents. The crown prince and the Saudi king Salman is relying on president Trump to overlook scientific moral evident towards their murder of Jamal Khashoggi irrespective of damning evidence.

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