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    The Next Coming Recession


    Feb 3, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, Sunday February 3, 2019

    Jobs are still scarce and unemployment is still high. At least not in New Jersey where nothing has changed since 2009. Student loans, default rate and graduate unemployment are not talked about.

    Which side of the world is this analysis coming from? The economic decline is everywhere. Houses rotting, desolation, declined economic activities..

    Philipsburg, NJ

    Of course not all economic centers are closed, some are actually full, because people must eat, cloth, walk etc but in general New Jersey’s decline has been pretty quiet. At least close to Stroudsburg PA,Warren county is a dead doon. The only major company around here is Mars and pretty much whites-only and highly exclusive. You will never think the cocoa might come from either south America, Ivory Coast or Ghana.

    M&M, Hackettstown, NJ

    Mars has no idea the people that lives in Hackettstown. It looks like they are safely cocooned in their warm nests. Warren county has some old country charm about it, like old money kind-of-charmed, settled by European-Germans and their kind of lonely farmland style, so no one dares say anything. They just live. They might just move, if it becomes unbearable.

    Spooky and declined Warren county, an abandoned st. Paul’s Abbey, NJ

    We suffer in Hackettstown. The recent economic activity we’ve seen so far is a newly opened Wawa gas station on Mountain Ave. There’s not much fact checking that goes on around here.

    Main street Mountain Ave, Hackettstown, NJ with newly opened Wawa gas station. M&M is slightly north, off the map. Image: crexi.com

    As far as what people aspire to, that’s enough. Strangers should have their own families and friends or too bad. They know they are not really trying.

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