• Mon. Jul 4th, 2022
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    China might be on the Road and Belt initiation programs in Africa, Europeans and Chinese themselves have a history together, as the destination of all wealth Europeans and Asiatics and wealth. They have a common destiny with European in particular. They are colluders and natural allies – is European and Asians in business partnership, of old. It doesn’t change and it has not changed. They stride together hence a railway all the way to the heart of London, the very thing Europeans desire the most. The currencies of both China and U.S. is almost the same. The British moniers believe in this. Its called Numismatics.

    Not only is Africa’s history is wiped out because of Europeans greed and obvious systemic discrimination practices, the World Bank -owned and operated by them, does not acknowledge African contributions. Asians and their economic activities are very important and meaningful to Europeans. The World Bank Notes.com does not even make any attempt to try and offset currency and its historical importance in the African context. Its all about them and their quest for their development. Everything, numismatically is matched with that of China or Asia’s. They accolade currencies either to themselves, ‘Belgian’, ‘British’, ‘French’, ‘German’, ‘Ethiopia’, ‘Rhodesia’, ‘Portuguese’ and so on for “Africa”. Indeed as to say they want to be one Bosses over all. Every single person or article I’ve come across including Economists and other pundits are afraid of money. Its a strong god. Untouchable and misunderstood. Deliberately held in high esteem above all else, Its meaningful to life on earth. Kill it and you kill belief system and the world’s belief system. The Lord Says, put your TRUST in Me not in material things or gods. You build mound-holes and forget your Lord the Creator and Lord of all.

    They ascribe meaning to the monies or currency or bill

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