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    The Speech That Got Kenyan Patrick Lumumba in Trouble


    Oct 3, 2018
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    America is so engrossed in a judge’s nomination and would rather not pay attention to unemployment of many peoples in the country.  U.S. is overstretched and over-extended in debts and economic ruin. Its not talk about. Instead they gloss it over with alarmism and hoopla.

    The economy is so bad that they lie about the real unemployment numbers and many counties are suffering. In Warren county for example startups jobs are rare.  Most jobs are low pay, working for a chain store or a fast food company.  And they call it the ‘gig’ economy.

    Africans are patient people but powerful speakers, long suffering but with a warning to China, “dont collude with weak African leaders and get into a tangled mess”.

    Patrick Lumumba says that many powerful nations look upon Africa as a tragedy but forgets they contributed to the demise of African economies.  How come African leaders cannot be reasonable in their own economies and do infrastructure themselves? Why do they need China to build roads and bridges for them and they the African leaders fall into debt?

    The Chinese and the Asians countries know they re well off and they condemn Africans for their “poverty”.

    Nana Akufo Addo, Patrick Lumumba says leadership is self-esteem. Akufo Addo tends to be ‘elitist’ because he aspires ‘privilege’. Coherence is a huge problem for Akufo Addo. Former president John Mahama speaks in Twi and communicates thus, and would have a more trustworthy cause than Akufo Addo’s western European elitism that he constantly projects.

    It looks like Africans dont know how to do the right thing. Africa’s own history.

    Listening to Lumumba’s argument one realizes that what he means is that Africa as a continent needs nothing but individually needs leadership of sort.

    The exchange trade programs are too skewed in the favor of Asians and China in particular. Today German American President and his family, the Trumpf’s are said to be worth $500 million and his children actively subverts America to get more.

    A competition for advantage. Africa’s external relationships seems to matter a lot. Africans in Diaspora, especially the Africans in the Americas diaspora is a continuum of a failure, an economic ruin that is still felt across the Atlantic ocean.

    They make the companies cavortingly big enough to encompass people, as in slave labor model where there are only European males that set up conglomerates and the masses work towards them. That’s the China model also. Its market share capture.  They want to saturate the African markets with their goods -Made in China goods. The most basic goods they are masters of mass production of units of production, since Ancient Silk Road days that attracted Europeans to capture and colonize that market, just like the Turks to Constantinople.  So

    Lumumba said “self conquest is the true leadership” for proper economic direction and cannot be children in adulthood, depending on the same Europeans for survival. Do not let critics put Africa down that they are children of a lesser God. Leadership is all of us, each one of us, in our little villages”.

    China’s Silk Road projects are actually French American, Larouche Foundation’s dream to link Europe with Asia. Obviously the Larouche and Schiller Institute claim it is their initiative and thinking. The same Germanic peoples conniving as ever.

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