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    Thinking For Oneself And How To Survive In A Money World


    Sep 17, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff Tuesday September 17, 2019.

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    Some reasons might not be fair, but one thing for sure, money matters are sensitive. Check this story out:


    Lesson: Do not be afraid of the rich and powerful

    Think about your needs first when there’s opportunity. Be kind to your neighbors to get what you need in times of scarcity.

    Look for benefactors that are open-minded and can give opportunities without asking for more favors or selfishness. Explain your actions and seek for advice and favors for yourself. Are you scrounging? Take heart. Think about your own poverty and needs.

    Hungarian Folk Tales, taken by Yorbing at Youtube on Aug 30, 2019.

    Just do not let things slide by. Work hard at time, its respecter of no man. Sacrifice some of your hard work products and share more strategically to those who can offer you a better outcome. Can you guess what that is?

    The Lord Himself will bless me.

    Trade something you value and negotiate for a much higher deal. Going to a bank to ask for loans (basically ‘borrowing’ their monies is too tasking. They might not even look at you twice because of certain circumstances, like low credit rating or lack of income. Unemployment and entrepreneurship can damage your chances of ever getting a loan, if ever. So you can remain like that for eternity.

    Can you divide anything justly? Have virtue with the Lord’s help and direction. The Lord can come in and help you to decipher how to solve the money problem.

    The rich man is the Lord (if you’ve not watched the tale, do so now to understand), and rewards the little you give to Him.

    Watch out for those bad neighbors and friends who refuse to share. The Lord will punish them and reward you for your hard work and thoughtfulness.

    Now check below lesson for obedience-to-the-letter. Never be too adult or too wise.


    And do not be too afraid to punk out of difficult situations.

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