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    Trade with China


    Sep 28, 2018
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    53 African countries attends Beijing conference, FOCAC, there are 67 Fortune 500 companies, 1069 representatives, small, medium-size enterprises in sectors like energy, finance, agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure and emerging industries including internet and e-commerce. The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) was established in 2000, held every 3 years, focused on Africa’s industrialization, trade and investment. Chinese government’s focus goes straight to the issue at hand -need. Strictly business -trade and how to make it a success. Africa doing well is on ‘the wings’ of China in trade, industrialization and agricultural modernization and in coming years. China -Africa cooperation is now leading in global affairs. Most obvious is the amazing infrastructure that IMF and World Bank led by Europeans have struggle to realize for decades. A benign wry atavism that besets Africa-Euro relationships. China’s open kindness by introducing and giving their ultra modern technologies and trains is simply great. To top that is now the $60 billion for their market growth.

    For Professor He Wenping , Chinese expert on Africa and Director of African Affairs is an enlightment to behold. For African and African American Studies in the U.S, the relationship and thinking is more on racial basis, slavery history and sociology that makes relationship with Africans too broad, unfocused and still poor. In reference to my interview with Craig Smith, there’s no intention to have a functioning international trade across the Atlantic ocean anytime soon. Whereas China’s cut deep to the chase and go ‘let’s trade’.

    The African American studies and relationship with Africa is fraught with misgivings and anger, which is a precious waste of my time and totally unproductive while China’s is ‘let’s move forward, jump on’.

    Wenping says clearly that China almost has the same experience as Africa on some level, through colonization with west Europeans, past present and future. Africa helps China realize their dream by resources to build the one belt one road and their action plan to move to a new level to 2050. Their people to people is set as the foundation, that is, China’s respect for other civilizations and building and listening to other people’s ideas rather than imposing their ideas on them, basing on Agenda 2063 and work on both China’s and Africa’s ideas and avoid domination of hegemony between stronger and weaker power games. They also strategize on soft power but secure against risks of corruption, conflicts and other negative development to stability. China faces trade wars and protectionism and unbalanced development. China wants to open its market to African products quota and duty free to help Africans to add value to their agriculture products for export to China’s market. Africa has become China’s customer for infrastructural needs and exchanges of lessons learned for long term planning because of Africa’s past with Europe and their own development.

    -CGTN Africa Business

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