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    Traveling As An African With Certain Passports


    Aug 8, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff Thursday August 8, 2019

    …I have as much of a right to see and discover this planet as any other person…it demonstrates how lack of infrastructural connectivity complements our lack of knowledge of one another…

    Ooooota Adepo

    *Featured: By Nigerian-Brit, Ooooota Adepo, TEDx Talk, Aug 14, 2018.

    Those Africans who want to travel the world are limited by knowledge to only major UK/US worlds and not any other place Adepo said:

    1. it prevents the average African from wanting to discover the world beyond London, Paris, Dubai, New York.
    2. It allows for a missed global education for Africans, on regions like Registan, Patagonia, Basque country.
    3. the decision to selectively restrict travel punishes people for the wrong-doings of a handful of citizens, it punishes people for the policies of presidents and dictators who harm their countries and it pre-determines who is more worthy of the world.

    The solution to the mistreatment of Africans is in the hands of Africans, we as Africans are responsible for creating an Africa that is politically stable, intellectually empowered and socio-economically integrated…once Africans take themselves seriously, the rest will follow…

    How do we move forward constructively? Three suggestions:

    1. create infrastructure so that traveling within the African continent does not require a connecting flights through Europe or Turkey.
    2. African states need to have a thorough understanding of their industries so that trade with other African countries is meaningful and so business and bilateral agreements with the Chinese or with the Americans actually benefits both parties.
    3. There need to be a reeducation (not passed-down bitterness) on Africa, (the good things) non-Africans for Africans, culturally, historically, and economically…in classrooms and as well as around our dinner tables, which in turn improve the quality of the conversation around the table, in business and in international forums.

    When these happens Africans will not need to pursue treacherous routes to the Mediterranean, risk being enslaved, or auctioned or inflict bodily harm in a desperate attempt to stay abroad. We as Africans are responsible for creating an Africa that is stable and that represents a real growth opportunities, to be sufficiently curious about one another (not in a bad way like accusations of witchcrafts) and to treat each other with REspect. To realize that if an American citizen could travel visa-free to South Africa then a citizen of Niger should be allowed the same rights.

    Resist the temptation to make fast money in Africa and to instead consider a mutually beneficial, long term, opportunities. And then maybe, just maybe together we can create a world that is more welcoming to Africans, not just Africans, but more importantly, where one in which, we Africans are welcoming to each other. – Ooooota Adepo.

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