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    Trump Admin. Want To Bully Ghanaians With Visa Sanction and Deportations


    Feb 5, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, February 5, 2019

    The Trump administration want to pointedly persecute West Africans especially Nigerians and Ghanaians by his Make America White Again policy. What is it about ‘earth’ that makes people like these act like that? This is nothing but attempting to ethnically cleanse the population of America by mass expulsions. It must stop.

    And who is contemporary White-Americans to tell migrating populations not to come to the U.S. when they have a free pass? Isn’t this smack of hypocrisy and numerous attempts to ethnically cleanse countries, again, as they previously committed. Its like following humans everywhere just to exterminate them. Where should the humans go on earth? What about natural disasters? This is nothing but harassment of citizens.

    Its people that make injunctions upon people. If people tell Germans (Trump is a German) that they should not travel anywhere on earth, without recourse, how would they feel? Certainly no argument for deportations is merited. That is why the Mexico wall should never be built. Germans were once bombed by Americans and let us not forget that their own British compatriots hate them. So they shouldn’t brag too much just because their forebear is in an institution built by Blacks forced into slavery.

    Trump is illegal president who forments hate against humans and will be forever wanted by humans to be a shithole too.

    Stop the persecution of west Africans in America. Stop is everywhere.

    It is looking increasingly sneaky that even doctors are refusing west Africa-Americans medical services. Its puzzling. Is it because president Obama and Michelle happen to love Africans that Trump and whites want to fight all of us?

    So what is the Trump administration fighting for? The snow-capped mountains and the gaudy, rotting woods he calls his mansion? Which is which? Government is by the people and if people elected into office do not do the will of the people , that government must go. Trump you are fired.

    American Axis Allies or the Five-Eyes countries do not need to invade or capture a land to be great. Nor does persecution of a people makes a race great. Even China’s rise there’s not include a single bloodshed. China’s economic policy is intentionally, and I’d say, rudely interrupted by Trump’s acolytes so China will not be economically viable except by Europeans only. What? Saboteurs.

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