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    Trump As A German American, Spookily Attacks Minorities German-Style


    Jul 27, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff Saturday July 27, 2019

    Nobody is going to take a fall for Germans or any European’s rages, an excuse to live off others, an excuse for invasion, occupation and mooching off others. Why, are Europeans created to live off others, or militarily invade every country on earth? But that’s exactly what is consistently done by these people. Unless they are punished specifically, no one knows what will happen next. Demented.

    *Featured: Brian Tyler Cohen, July 27, 2019, News Youtuber.

    The Ring Of Fire, July 27, 2019

    And the result of this type of rages…The Damage Report’s ‘Deadly Report Of Republicans Hate For Obama’, July 23, 2019

    PBS News Hour, March 14, 2018

    CBC News, The National, Canada Sept 13, 2017

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