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Yorbing Staff Monday March 25, 2019

NPR Fresh Air By Terry Gross, march 25, 2019

A grave concern is Germans in Namibia and their Nazi militaristic presence in the country. Benign Germans in Namibia thrives in secrecy and continued oppression of the natives in the country. They influence Namibian native politicians to manipulate for their own gain and continue to illegally occupy Namibia. Its created a false wealth gap and entrenched poverty of Namibians. Germans and the White exclusive community holing up in Namibia thrive on separatism – a classic Dutch Boer oppressive traditions that is insistent on continuing oppressing a people in their own land. Its bizarre to say the least.

The White community loath publicity least they are told to leave or vacate the country. Their continued living in Namibia has caused untold hardship and trauma for the people, an affront to their militarized unwanted hosts.

A White Subculture:

Alternative For Germany (White nationalists) leader , Alice Weidel, have an crying African baby as a convenient reason to be a White supremacist.

A people that does not mixed with Blacks or ‘negroes’ are always coming into their homes to stay. Is that right? Its like a convenient excuse to mooch-off an unfortunate foe, an undesirable African and then call him a monkey, inferior, a shithole.

Its still not the days of yesteryears colonial strategy that we need to worry about but the still active, intentional, overlook of Africa and of the people of Africa in vital decision-making into contemporaries, especially in technology, where any time someone in Africa invents, the object is laughed at, but rather a overt effort to liaise and link with India and Asians for the future technology. Of course they’ve progressed and its no joke. The technical advances between whites and Asiatics as longstanding. Its like using all races for self advancement, no matter what. National resources are strategical hijacked for the White hegemons to control. So wacking us is no effort.

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