Trump Is Implicated

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Trevor Noah: Rand Paul says upholding the U.S. Law will make it a Banana Republic. Lawyers make the Law and the Lord cannot complain about His Law, the 10 Commandments. “What do you mean, ‘Thou shalt not covet’, have you seen Greg’s wife? Have you seen her? She’s been posting on Instagram… “. Meaning politicians shouldn’t be held accountable for campaign finance violation Laws. If campaign Laws aren’t for politicians then who the f**k are they for?

Really, you think Trump is doing a good job as a president?

 Trevor Noah on Orin Hatch, ‘check your glasses well’.

“Orin Hatch, you need to get your imaginary glasses checked, my friend…and also doing a good job doesn’t absolve you of previous crime.”

Its just a blatant nightmare from the word go. When an excellent Congressman Al Green proceeded to impeach Trump for breaking laws after laws, here’s what happened:

The Lord and His 10 Commandments

Sarah Huckabee, “It is very biblical to enforce the Law that is actually repeated a number of times throughout the Bible” (The LAW).

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