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    Trump Is Not Using His Mental Faculty


    Oct 18, 2018
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    Trump is not using his mental faculty to deal with an other wise critical national security issue. His comparison of Khashoggi’s case to Kavanaugh’s case is in error.  Khashoggi’s case is comparable to 9/11. As a National Security leader of United States, unlike Erdogan in Turkey with less power, should do everything possible to not upend the status quo. U.S. standing in the Middle East is at a peril and will like bring a catastrophic end to an epoch of heinous rule of U.S and all hegemonic powers world wide as rogues take on bad leaders. I was surprised at the warmth of Pompeo’s greetings of a murderous crown prince, known for brutality and crimes against humanity in Yemen.

    Pompeo showed lack of professionalism in ascertaining a rather serious international matter.  Pompeo did not exhibit a typical American leadership due to the gravity of issue, just like Bush Administration reaction to 9/11 plane crashes into the NY  Twin Towers. including 19 Saudi hijackers into the towers and now Yemen’s children in a brutal war
    Because of U.S’ own position and clout in that region its hard to defend anybody right now.

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