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    Trump Uses Untruths For Advantage


    Oct 22, 2018
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    Some leaders’ comments tries to lift the burden of killing Khashoggi off the Saudi Crown Prince or the king himself Saudi king Salman. It seems the those in power as leaders remain faultless even in the face of evidentiary. Those ‘royal’ families are nothing if their people do not condone to their being so. And then the priviledges afforded are nothing less than routine. Jamal Khashoggi as a journalist is also a noble king and nobody can take that from us. Who made you ‘king’ or crown prince over your people? Dont they deserve better than al Saud ‘royal’ B.S.? The Turks were once royal, Iran was once royal, ask the European French and their ‘royal’ family.
    Saudis’ type of religion has decimated the Middle East and left the population trembling for decades. Young children blow themselves up, little girls are given into early marriages when these precious ones need to be in school. Yemen adolescent girls are married off in the most horrendous fashion while you condone to such practices, Saudi Arabia! Evil Bastards. S.O.Bs.
    Why does a Holy Country of Islam need weapons from European countries? Why do you need weapons, Saudi royal family? Who do you use these weapons on? What does your insignia mean? Holy? My Ass.

    And then Trumps states that the Saudis businesses that bring billions of dollars is more important than Khashoggi’

    s screams as he’s butchered in an office for no reason than he being a child of the Most High and a journalist.

    There are too many creative people in the Saudi country to exclude them for running the country too instead of a few family members. Its the practice of nepotism. These are too old, archaic systems especially the crown prince’s methodology of killing members of their own clique or whatever.

    Modernism is a precious tool that can propel the traditionalistic customized illiterate tribal, overtly religious Arabic countries.  They cant seem to know the way forward to build a modern society, functioning in the twenty first century. Everybody that goes there becomes a victim or traumatized. Especially Yemen and migrant domestic workers.

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