Two Years Of MAGA

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Yorbing Staff, January 20, 2019

There are infact errors in the reporting: First, 3.7% unemployment figure is simply not true. Its more on the line of 21.7% unemployment. Counties in New Jersey have not seen any economic changes since 2009, people are just getting by and have to drive great distances to a job that pays less. Most live on pay to pay salaries and have not seen savings for more than $20.

U.S. economy never really recovered from anything. Its still in a declined state.

Hate and racial tension is on the rise and consistently besmears citizens on interaction level everyday. For example healthcare is so expensive that doctor’s offices are not offering much service. Monopolistic grocery stores are packed with over-processed, unnatural foods.

They avoid the real issue and that is MONEY. Raise wages, ease debt burdens.

And then the persistent racism, specifically white domineering that enriches one group, one elite against the other and causes tensions.

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