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    AGOA Who? The US-Africa Trade Pact


    Jul 18, 2018
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    AGOA? What is AGOA? The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) promulgated in 2000 is unknown largely amongst Africans in Diaspora in U.S and African Americans. Whatever business trades goes on between white U.S government and Diasporans here is a misnomer. So we tend to miss critical information especially on trade or businesses. U.S commercial activities are intimidating to criticize, I just pretty much ignore it. For me my proposal is to encourage trades between Black Americas and Africans across continents and ignore U.S markets, controlled by whites. Its too discriminatory and biased to the extreme.

    There is such a large chasm between Black America and Africa so much so that its shocking. No wonder we don’t have jobs and suffer Startup defeat. Kenya seems a little aggressive to garner some business trades going but western Africa is a little too quiet.

    An African American should be the one talking not an ambassador. Commerce must commence between the two.

    Is there a Ghana bank that operates in New York city? So what is this trade about?

    I was looking for the number African American businesses and startups to highlight in my articles but found none in New Jersey that I was familiar with. I wondered why. In direct response to an archived story in the NYT’s 1981 story on Black America businesses, I believe the story is still almost the same except the data might be unknown to me. If we stop complaining to a more upbeat posture, what would we find? It will be nice if I stop looking at discrimination to a more positive realistic outlook to the businesses in town. Given that I live in Warren county, northernmost New Jersey, where would be the best place to locate an African American business? Not here.

    AGOA is a club is shit Which U.S. bank trades in Cedi or Naira in New Jersey? The injustices is too deep.

    AGOA is structured as if Africa is not its own market. Africa IS a continent of countries, too large to be a village. Sense-wise its non-participatory. The African in Diaspora -African Americans, African Brazilians, Caribbeans etc with western Africans, East Africas, south Africans. The Democrats, including Republican leaders or whatever White Americans leadership look downat the African markets and should not be given any mandation to lead it.

    If AGOA partnership with white Americans is not going to be equal then finish it Reverse this mindset.

    • It must be equal
    • Its inadequate

    Its spells the inabilities of Black-own businesses and Africans in Diaspora’s lack of connectivity in the US markets, entrepreneurship and a market share. It doesn’t have to be Japan motors or Korean automobiles.

    What we see clearly is paternalism that stems from colonialism and what is happening in south Africa. Connect African Americans to trade talks with Africans. Its U.S’ policy towards Africa and its Dollar trademark that gives leverage, a sort of authority over African business. Not a single Ghana bank operates here in north America. If it does, please let me know.

    U.S paternalistic attitude towards African countries as a whole makes it lag behind rapid growth in other countries in Africa, be it east, west, south, north or island nations like Madagascar.

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