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    U.S. Lacks Business and Startup Industry News and it hurts


    Sep 26, 2018
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    After the crash and Great Recession those who became unemployed and adversely affected by lack of jobs decided to fend for themselves by self-employment. In the U.S economy, self-employment is akin to unemployment. You suffer. You are isolated from the general market and unsolvable. Makes you lonely and a queer one out. It makes one feels non-re (non-participant) and it hurts. I cannot beg but I have become an expensive dependent on a male which is an abomination by itself. I’m in hell.

    There is the need for employment news, industry news, information about employment and industry and insights and current openings and truthfulness about our situation like the Beijing FOCAC Summit. In the morning the most necessary staple of news should be work and business startups but instead we are regaled with comedians-turned-journalists, newsmakers, celebrities and tv sensationalism CNN and Fox and movies. Whites opponents and politicians and lawmakers make life in business generally difficult to function in.

    American economy is deliberately set to injure Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and western Africa as a whole for a non-direct trade systems. SubSaharan Africa trades is suppressed and African currencies are not traded in here in America making life especially difficult. Specifically European Americans has sacked us and made us mince-meat in the market place of an economy. I do not have money even though I work -no social security for 15 years. You are bent on making money/Dollar/Euro/Pounds a tool to wield hegemony and punishing weapon to bend our will towards you by force. America makes work life miserable for us. Cash transactions to Africa is suppressed, intentionally, so we wont have our financial freedom.

    You crashed the market, you paid a bailout, you are in debt, you ignored graduates, you made us unemployed and packed up to go hump abroad.

    Even south Africa’s Julius Malema said the government sent people abroad to attract foreign direct investments into south Africa but its like a 1996 class regrouping because this policy does not work. You cannot grow the economy with foreign direct investment only. You have to stimulate local investment that is led by the state. I will say here that which is led by graduates or people who want set up their own businesses and supported by the government. This eases the unemployment pressures. Money must come not only from wages, but also direct aid from the government that has authority over money and has access to money.

    Obama came to office based on young people’s huge support because he was slightly younger than a typical politician. Graduates supported Mr. Obama for stable employment, good pay, no corruption or cronyism and economic stability. I thought Mr. Obama will bring into his cabinet young people that voted for him and recognize them for their devotion and a willingness for a change. He instead made it into a political football. He brought on the very people who would have in no circumstances look at him twice and made them chief over affairs and boy did he tank. He even ha the gall to rely on the same voters he has betrayed by not forgiving student loans, money for graduates startup businesses or even grants for those who needed it most and then said he’s the greatest? He is not the greatest, he might be an Afro, but he is not the greatest. Mr. Obama is a betrayer of young people, of those who has aspirations for a great president and he squelch it by austerity, government budget cuts, and long term unemployment. People kept quiet because they did not know how to talk about his betrayal. Talk about feeling like the proverbial lamb, victimized by Washington politicians. Now he parades as the biggest ass president ever.

    Now we have to move on with our shattered lives. Thank you for ruining it for us. Instead Mr. Obama held the office of the president in high esteem instead of addressing young people’s poverty and unemployment and the reason they voted for him. If Mr. Obama has directed money to the right needy he wouldn’t have faced so much opposition. He did not even show good graces by coming down to the young people’s level and help them financially and morally. if he did not become president for celebrity reasons or for his ego that would have been great. To be capable of tamping down youth povery and unemployment instead of allowing the Bureau of Statistics to lie for him. Then Economic Policy Institute had the gall to say that young Americans will have to wait for 15 years from 2009 for the economy to get a gig. Fifteen years? Unemployment under Trump 15 months as of his winning an election is 21.76% or there about. The official line is still 3.6% unemployment. Wink, wink.

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