U.S. Police Brutality Happens Again?

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Yorbing Staff Thursday May 28, 2020

*Featured: ABC News, May 28, 2020, Youtube

A Minneapolis man, George Floyd, is choked by a white Police again…

Fire rage against an unjust demise of a man….?

Video: WCCO-CBS Minneapolis, May 28, 2020, Youtube

And again its the passionless recount by White media…

Video: WCCO -CBS, May 27, 2020, Youtube

The most heinous crime seen on tv worldwide…

Video: Now This News, May 27, 2020, Youtube

People traumatized and weeping ….

Video: Now This News, May 27, 2020, Youtube

Just a few weeks ago Ahmaud Arbery face a brutal demise…

Video: The New York Times, May 18, 2020, Youtube

And heart wrenching details….

Video: ABC News, May 12, 2020, Youtube

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