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    U.S. -Saudi Relationship


    Nov 3, 2018
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    The petro-dollar scheme and the Dollar ‘Reserve’ system as the sole supplier of dollar as the only currency to purchase oil and other important commodities.

    Currencies might be backed by gold and oil instead of the dollar, just like crumpling colonization of African and other continents.

    The Treasury Department is just a printing machine that U.S. uses as a wield of influence for world trade systems. Its importance wields influence as Americans and other institutions put more faith in it than commonsense. There’s a strong lack of understanding of Dollar currency and its influence worldwide.

    U.S. just like typical colonist bullys use ‘sanction’s or threats to force its will on those who refuse to tow their line, like killings, coups etc. Then that means anybody that threatens the status quo and therefore tries to unseat a monopoly might be attacked by U.S.
    If a country is not responsible and prudent to its own markets who should do it for them? Why blame Russia and other countries when U.S. is not responsible for its own ruinous paths? Who should redeem? Europe? Yes, its mother.
    Do not buy the book.

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