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    U.S. Uses The Dollar As A Weapon


    Nov 10, 2018
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    Yorbing Staff

    Nov 10, 2018

    For historical and strong traditional cultural ties with Europe, American policies are more pro Europe and anti everyone else in the world, especially western European societies. They are the core group of expansionist policies and reflected in their spread of capitalism world over. Ask the colonists in Africa and native Americans. The Euro versus the Dollar plus the Pound, now that’s interesting. The Yen and Yuan but where are Africa’s currencies? There’s not a single west African functioning bank operating in the north American markets. Its all for the Anglo-Saxon imperialists. Here’s where African Americans and Diasporans need comes in sharp relief of their injustices and poverty stem from. A choke-hold over business freedom and trade networks between Black America and Africans in Diaspora.

    Most of the time we are made to be preoccupied with their wealthy people’s scandals and political hysteria while Blacks cannot find ways and means to trade contemporaneously with the world and thrive. They become the poor of the Americas and there no relief in sight so far as white Europeans maintain their choke-hold over monetary and economic affairs. No wonder entrepreneurial market share of Black America is near zilch.

    U.S. intention to weaponize the Dollar is to kill, destroy and impoverish for a long spell of time and to teach their perceived enemies a lesson. Really things hasn’t changed much since colonialism so far as we have white supremacists in office.

    U.S. is discriminating against Iran when Saudis bombs Yemen and other places, 9/11 etc. with more serious consequences.

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