Uganda’s Bobi Wine In Jail Again Then Freed Again

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Yorbing Staff Saturday, November 21, 2020. *Featured: Guardian News, Nov 20, 2020, Youtube.

Uganda dictator, Museveni orders his henchmen in the force to rough up his opponents so he will win election again…

Video: DW News, Nov 20, 2020, Youtube

Political intolerance of Museveni’s dictatorship causes political tension to escalate…

Video: Courtesy of Saymore Official, Nov 20, 2020, Youtube

Museveni’s government is bent of torturing his opponents in bloody ways in Uganda…

Video: YY MEDIA, Nov 20, 2020, Youtuve

Museveni wants to be king forever …perhaps now is the time to kick his ass out of that benign office of his…

Video: Ben-LIVE, Nov 12, 2020, Youtube

Bobi Wine has bloody clothes to showcase police brutality on him and his wife and children also….

Video: BEST SHOOTS official, Nov 20, 2020, Youtube

Because Museveni is threatened by Bobi Wine winning the election and perhaps exposing the deep corruption that he, Museveni, doesn’t want to be revealed but is plain for all to see. We simply do not know how gross it is, just yet.

Video: Age Media, Nov 16, 2020, Youtube

Bobi Wine faced a harrowing violence against him by Museveni’s thugs …

Video: Al Jazeera English, Nov 3, 2020, Youtube

While his party supporters fright back police brutality against their leader…

Video: BEST SHOOTS Official, Nov 11, 2020, Youtube

A blatant violation of Bobi Wine and his supporters right to campaign against Museveni …

Video: YY MEDIA, Nov 19, 2020, Youtube

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