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    Unemployed Graduates Are Youth Unemployment Real Figures


    Dec 12, 2018
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    By Yorbing Staff, Dec 12, 2018

    Unemployed graduates in New Jersey: Even if the official number of unemployment is 3.7% what should this unemployed individuals do to put food on the table, especially if they are university graduates?

    Minimum Wage And Graduates

    Minimum wage doesn’t seem to factor in those with High School Certificates, Tech Certificates, Licenses, Associate degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Masters Degrees, Philosophy Degrees or even Post Doc Degrees etc.

    The government might site that New jersey ‘added’ 17, 400 jobs in October 2018 without specifically siting the people who got the jobs at what time within a month including the employment portal and the profile of such new entrants into the job market.  The numbers are cooked up as routine for nonsense. 

    Minimum wage does not look at qualifications and it is kept low.  New Jersey’s minimum wage as of Jan 2018 is $8.60 per hour not $15.00 as demanded, irrespective of those with different skill and education levels. The minimum wage doesn’t mention who qualifies for $8.60 per hour and at what work and at what graduate level. There’s also no relief for those who are unemployed, for a time, in the interim, for relief program, monthly to offset poverty and needs while they look for jobs. Some relief like unemployed graduate allowances, that may go a long way to offset the shocks of unemployment and alleviate poverty. 

    Minimum wage does not factor in daily cost of living, rent, food, transport, car maintenance, housing maintenance, health and dependents, schooling, student loan servicing, credit cards, holiday expenses, miscellaneous etc.

    And how long should the unemployed keep being unemployed in Trump’s America? Long term unemployment is real since the crash. If employers want graduates who are job experienced, who will employ graduates then? So a graduate with a Masters Degree who gets a job as a teller (by luck) base pay is between $9-$12 an hour, irrespective of a whooping student loan and even the fact that Chase issues student loans and a low wage might prove a default risk. Minimum wage is an attempt to maintain cheap labor.

    Government prints money so minimum wage is a crap shot. They can afford to relief unemployed graduates.

    Vestiges of recession and austerity, Dec, 2018

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