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    Nov 10, 2018
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    Yorbing Staff
    Nov 10, 2018

    Why did the establishment allow such a low life to participate in the elections? That question is white’s racist hatred that allowed things to fall so low, as if they wont pay the consequences for such atavistic attitude towards my people and the world at large. Did they not remember the monstrous wwII legacy to disallow such hatred of others to stand just because.

    Wall Street Journal’s recount is not very credible. They knew it.

    This is rather the real deal:

    Why did such a loathsome character as Trump win an election? Its not Wall Street Journal’s fault, they just like the system. We are not stupid. This is an ad for Wall Street Journal with their pretty staff.

    And whites like to ‘protect’ their ‘assets’ and the consequences will not be faced by their actions towards someone else. The voter outcome might not be as bad there’s also the fact that some large section of white society does not want to take responsibility for their actions eg police brutality, mass shootings and blame the cops and the NRA for gun violence. The deniability and ignorance makes some white analysts ignorant, do not pay close attention to history recounts enough and hence repeat the same racist lines that delineates their rigid lines, for good of their kind, which is all good, no beef with that. I think they should continue to protect their culture at all cost, but not at anybody’s expense.
    Yes, indeed Trump is using the presidency for his own publicity and life, someone worse from the white Republican party will forever change the history of our country.
    Things has to play as a leveling field for all or nothing will work well. Counties with potty development will stay in a declined mode forever, like NJ counties and others in this state.
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