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    US Europeans In Politics Have Actually Combined Their Powers To Challenge Huawei


    Dec 9, 2018
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    White political powers in U.S, Canada and the European world combine their powers to confront China in technology and trade. Even though US is all over the world formenting and fighting bloody wars, it seems they are determined to use hostilities and wars by hook or crook, consistently over many a millennia. Aggressive behavior toward all other races is paramount in their policies and in their thinking. 

    This time, with Trump’s administration’s blessings and others in their European political circle they can declare trade wars on any body they deem a rival or competitor.  U.S, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and west Europe are one and the same hegemon who supports each other and see each other comprising on one as opposed to all other races.  They see each other as one entity that rules their domains pottered around their orbit of their worlds and countries.

    So U.S. long-arms reach across Canada and the whole of the northern hemisphere plays a role except perhaps in east Europe and the rest of Asia. The arrest of Huawei’s CFO boss Sabrina Wenzhou is to intimidate and wrangle the hands of the Chinese.

    U.S. is bias in international laws and should resign from whatever lofty position it deems itself on international matters.  No body appointed them to be arbiters of rule. Its rather U.S.’ trade practices that are bizarre, not the other way round.  Look at the way U.S treats Africans in trades, its so horrible that is legendary.  European Americans deliberately bar any other race from directly competing with them causing white only businesses and racism to flourish in America and in other places they invaded and occupied for themselves.

    Wait a sec, when did Europeans become the powerhouse of ideas? Haven’t they relied heavily on Asia for trade and its own economical survival since “Columbus”? Isn’t China and Asian economies hold trade’s spiritual value to European’s rise to power irrespective of their empires? Would European Americans say with a bold face that technologies are solely ‘their’ intellectual property even without a hint of Japan, Taiwan, Asia proper or even China?

    What is the rationale for the arrest?

    America spies and steals to reproduce other people’s ideas, we all know that. Then destroy the currency, the dollar and the euro and the pound then. Stop trading in US European orbits currencies and use yen and African currencies to do trades. Why should we bear this?

    CNN’s argument or stance that perhaps inventions always come from their pot of a head forget that if Huawei’s founder is perhaps as gifted to found his own empire so is Ghanaian American Chemical Engineer Dr. Thomas Mensah’s fibre optics inventions that can benefit the U.S. except for their O so bitter racism.  U.S.and their European counterpart would rather poach on talents and woo other nationals and races to work for free to enhance their powers over other nations, just so.

    It is in the interest of France aka Trudeau Canadian French and Anglo Saxons hegemons who coaches other nationals in their brilliance to aid and abet hegemony.  Dr. Thomas Mensah is an example, where the French used his poverty to wisk him out of Ghana to France and into the U.S. working for their science and technology while Ghana suffers with not a whisper of even a railway line.

    In conclusion, this is nothing but intimidation. The same should go for the killing of Khashoggi where the same U.S. officials have shielded the Saudi crown prince from a horrific brutal murder. Stop poaching and inculcating other people’s nationals for your benefit and stop harassing China. Its your wars we are worried about. There has to be checks and balances for both U.S and European powers.

    Here’s a more comprehensive coverage of the matter:

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