Used Car Nightmares

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Yorbing Staff Sunday December 8, 2019

*Featured: Scotty Kilmer, ‘How To Tell If Your AutoTransmission Is Bad’, Dec 7, 2018, Youtube

Learn this because I suffered bad cars for decades…Scotty Kilmer:

Do this..he said to buy a good used car not a brand new car, which is very expensive…no 4-wheel drive,

Getting a used car on Craigslist…if it’s salvaged or retitled, don’t buy it. Bring a scan tool with you.

Do all transactions in a bank, no cash upfront.

Video: Scotty Kilmer, Sept 21, 2018, Youtube

Don’t get into headaches like I did…

Video: Scotty Kilmer, Jan 17, 2019, Youtube

Make sure urge you don’t get stacked with somebody else’s money pit. Inspect the car with a tool.

Video: Ratchets And Wrenches,

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