Venezuela: Chavez Supporters Also Matter

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Yorbing Staff, January 28, 2019

Britain aids U.S. to block essential Venezuelan gold.

Britain is an unreliable place to bank your money.

Not to divert much on the topic, Ghana’s Asante king and the Akufo Addo Administration relaunches Ashanti Anglogold (always sleeping with the enemy to slick out the Ghanaian people) claiming it had collapsed since 2014. The relaunch in the Asante language*

There’s no mention of how much the central Bank of Ghana holds gold in its vaults and how much it trades and hold gold in UK vaults. Why do they consistently do business with colonists and befriend them after selling their people for so long and generally looking down on them beyond reason. What is the charm of west Europe to these Ghanaian politicians? Here is one reason:


‘AngloGold Ashanti suspended operations at the Obuasi underground mine in 2014, due to a significant fall in gold prices and a prolonged period of losses but President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo re-opened the Obuasi mine during a colourful ceremony, in fulfillment of a campaign pledge and promised to stop encroachment by illegal miners on the concession.’

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