Venezuela Maduro Asks Entire Cabinet To Resign

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Yorbing Staff Tuesday March 19, 2019

Miami Herald, By Jim Wyss, March 17, 2019

Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro has asked his entire Cabinet to file their resignations as he struggles to maintain control of the country amid a two-month long political crisis.

In a tweet Sunday, Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said Maduro asked for the resignations so he could engage in a “deep restructuring” of the government to “fortify the nation” against “any threat.”

The move comes as Maduro is fighting for his political life against Juan Guaidó, the 37-year-old head of congress and the man who Washington and more than 50 other nations recognize as Venezuela’s sole president.

Cabinet changes are common in Venezuela. Maduro, for example, has had four vice presidents since taking office in 2013. But Sunday’s shakeup might be another sign that he’s trying to shore up internal support.

On Saturday, Guaidó and Maduro held dueling marches, with the young opposition leader attracting massive crowds. Guaidó has said he will go on a nationwide tour to build support for a national demonstration in coming days aimed at ousting Maduro from the Miraflores presidential palace.

Maduro, who still seems to have the support of the military elite, has accused Guaidó of being a Washington puppet and trying to seize the presidency without running for election. Maduro has vowed to stay in power until at least 2025.

“We have inherited our unbreakable will to fight from the men and women who liberated this continent from the Spanish empire,” Maduro wrote on Twitter on Sunday. “We will not surrender to any empire!”

*Feature Image: Merco Press, March 18, 2019

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