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    Venezuela: Maduro Socialists


    Jan 25, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 25, 2019

    RT seem not to be concentrating enough on Venezuela’s internal problems to help them out. U.S. stance is always has been hegemonous but this problem has to be a regional solution. Or it will be more about ideologies than common sense.

    RT Sanchez almost agreed that China grabbing the Spratly Islands because there’s large oil deposits underneath the ocean bed is reasonable. Meaning, China should not practice peace but should be hegemonous enough to seize what its sees fit for its ‘military might’. Nanking Massacre my ass. Why repeat a mistake when you yourself is poised to kill for a want?

    Maduro is drunk on power and that’s all he aspires to. To milk dry Venezuela. There is no such thing as ‘economic implications’ when there’s no peace. This is an internal struggle of Venezuelans governments (with an ‘s’). U.S. role is to act as a de facto UN for misdemeanors, it doesn’t mean it wants to topple Maduro. Its the political system that will eventually win Venezuelans. Be responsible for once! Its not a unipolar world and certainly its not about Russia being a hegemon! Get that freakish-looking Putin out of office so Russians can also safely gain their wealth and freedoms back.

    Venezuela’s political struggles and mishaps, the tenuous Spanish glory

    Maduro is same ancestorship of the same European version of Spain to dominate south America and colonize it. They are as racist as much.

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