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    Venezuela’s Economy and Political Woes


    Jan 29, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, Tuesday January 29, 2019

    WNYC The Takeaway, New York

    Old men invade other people’s countries and gets clobbered but never learn.

    Old men like Trump and his equally ancient Oliver North said they want to invade Venezuela.

    When other countries pretty much face uneven government progress. Its always been like that. Juan Guaido, Hmm.

    Ultra white Vox’s version:

    But U.S. own economy is in decline for decades but no one dares challenge its authoritarian rule. Its not out of the blue that Venezuela’s economy totters. Historically Germany also suffered hyperinflation and brought Nazis into power.

    Kenya’s nebulous Raila Odinga swears himself into office. His intolerance is obvious.

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