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    Venezuela’s Power Stuggles


    Jan 28, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 28, 2019

    Elite privileges fight to control resources, while local communities remain poor. Its all about spending billions of dollars to siphon off oil while humans starve. The fight really is about oil companies competing for a share in fat oil profits. The companies trample on local communities’ rights to a safe environment and go ahead to extract oil. Trump’s Washington Pompeo pushes for more isolation of Venezuela, however, what about Venezuelans?

    Latin America is more of a series of hysteric dictators. I believe Venezuelans are not specifically addressing what is dividing them but rather blame external influencers. The west are pitted against each other on ideological stances, socialists against capitalists. Venezuelan capitalists allies with U.S. capitalists met with Trump Administration Sec. of State, Mike Pompeo to increase pressure on the socialists in Latin American countries, including Venezuela. Why is Latin America socialist?

    West European’s version of exploration excludes great migrations of other humans to the Americas years before.

    European migrated in large numbers to the Americas and carried the ideology with them to Africa’s next door neighbor, south America. While a few sailors sail around the perimeters around the globe, discovering things, the rest of humans were marching along lands and seaways discovering and settling on the lands in the America’s. The people who were unsung heroes of discovery, were Asians (called indigenous people) who also settled in the America’s. The narration of discovery is so touted by Europe’s version that it completely overshadows Asia’s discovery and ultimate occupation of modern Americas.

    The election results that Nicolas Maduro ‘won’ in May 2018 was obviously designed to keep him in power indefinitely but faced fierce opposition.

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