• Fri. May 27th, 2022
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    What puzzles me is the industries that make it. So which are they?

    Whatever the industry, you have to prove your skilled talents and to hone-in to the market share, if ever. So that means one day my African clothes, manufactured can be displayed in a posh mall somewhere in the U.S. Instead of online showcase, a brick&mortar store is more viable, irrespective of those who trumpet Doomsday and racism in the U.S market for African fabrics clothes.

    A Startups use Micro-funding entrepreneurship program when looking for opportunities to expand their fashion line.

    Another is the supply chain levels and how to find stores to carry your brand while you establish a reputation for Africa-inspired clothes. Either local level like the video or at a Diasporan-level where there’s a network or a business support-based like Africa-Americans in Ghana.

    P&H boutique owners, Yiadom Boachie are Africa on Africans investors in south African market and open chain stores in prime malls.

    In New Jersey for example I find that I do not have access to the market and access to funds is difficult. The best is to take samples to a venture capitalist and ask for funding. I have to look for a Black-owned venture capitalists to help me grow my business. A south African venture capitalist like Vusi Thembekwayo is an example to emulate for funding your business.

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