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    We are Talking About Your Sex Life Kavanaugh, Not Democrat’s Conspiracy


    Sep 28, 2018
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    Republicans did not put women’s experiences at the forefront yesterday. I did not even know that Supreme Court judge Roberts was a decisive matter in Obama’s Healthcare For All Bill.  Roberts played (just as little Oh so outraged Kavanaugh is-from the same British pot I believe) protectionism of white power and decision based on hegemony, maintaining the white ‘tribalism’ in America. Kavanaugh is Irish, British and they startegically put their nationals there for maximum control -rob me and I rob you back. That is why they work so hard to keep their kinds there to maintain their ‘interests’ -That is why Africa is Africa and you are here.

    The male Republicans did not probe enough because they were undone and wouldn’t want further damage.

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