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    We Need Startup Business Spaces


    Nov 8, 2018
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    One thing I worry about is politicians move to media that is popular and the exceptionally good talents to see the rest of us dowdering out of the spotlight to help us in our quest for economic relief. Celebrity culture and their lofty way of representation and messaging is not interactive enough, meaning there’s no substantial give and take conversation that break barriers, not only entertaining crowd clapping but real engagement and serious interaction with audiences outside the studio.

    Startups and entrepreneurs fed up with unemployment and austerity measures start their own businesses without financial and spatial help for county market shares. Most stores and businesses are chain-stores and franchises along our main market streets. We want that to change. Young businesses must be able to find space, money for a share of the market space or remain viciously unemployed for years on end.

    For me there’s no full employment, not even close to the much touted 3.7% unemployment rate in the country. For me unemployment is 21.7% and above. For a long spell of time since 2009, people have been kicked out of the labor and have stayed out for this long. It has deletitious effect on their lives and empty pockets. For me, the number of debt-based college loans plus number of graduates is the real unemployment figure.I’m sorry but Cory Booker has deviated from the real dilemma of graduates and other peoples and that is money and business startups to shore themselves up. Not legislation. Politicians must not make money, traders must do, safely in the market exchange places. Cory Booker is proudly New Jerseyian and inspirational but he misses the practical point a bit. Booker’s Diasporan brethren are suffering economically, they do not own much business, market wise. Anyway the opponent want clarity to hone in on their attack of you.

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