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    We Want U.S. To Stop Persecuting African Americans


    Jan 30, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, Wednesday January 30, 2019

    Whites should never think they are above people of African-descent or ‘superior’ to anybody. They are not superior and will not be superior.

    African American or the Black race have done nothing to Europeans or European Americans or whites in general or whoever they think they are, over Blacks. I want it to end. The henpecking people must stop. People of African descent or Black people do not exist for other races, be it yellow, red, blue, white or brown to persecute or mock them. This is a no, no and we must do our best to protect these people in particular.

    Whites are overly aggressive towards people of African descent and I resent that. They dont invade Europe, neither West or East; they dont act aggressive towards anyone, not even Asians, or Indians or whoever, yet are despised. Western people consistently depict people of African descent as ‘animals’. Why?

    Have you seen Africans or Africans in diaspora or African descent people persecute, kill, occupy, invade, dominate, act aggressive or any abhorrent act towards others in such a manner as to annihilate, ethnically cleanse, genocidally kill off? No. Yet that is what Europeans and others do to Africa and Africans in general, even on their own continent in south Africa and Namibia and the rest of Europe, Australia, south Americas and the earth. We want it to stop.

    We want England to stop occupying other people’s countries, whether India or Oz or NZ or the Whitehouse chambers or Argentina or Middle East Oil countries or Asia. Asia does not belong to Europeans or anybody else. Stop patrolling the seas and intimidating, prodding and provoking Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Iranians etc to wars on end. Stop and go home, if you have a home. Go back home to European countries and beyond it borders, what you do is sin against the Allah, Lord or whoever it is you guys worship. Isn’t it what you call the Lord?

    Its our countries, its our world, not exclusively European, ‘American’ or White ‘Privileges’. What crap is that? We want it to stop, dont say we did not warn you all. This is the core of dissent, if any.

    We also want the abuse of power to stop.

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