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    Wealth and Castle Empires


    Sep 25, 2018
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    The Germanic Holy Roman Empire and their people abroad and how they spread abroad. Germanics exhibits strong resistance to ‘integration’ into their society.

    What is the nature of these people and why? They talk about the holy roman empire after a Thirty Years War, so they know wars. So a large part are refugees in other countries to flee their wars. They are not

    The belief system of feudalism emanates from these areas. They are highly successful, even tick-like, to hide iniquities. Their people are drummed into like a ramrod. They are earth possessive and religiously fanatic, their gap in political life is placed by religion. They hide their identities under christianity as if its a totem. They use it to migrate and foister upon other groups not their race and to live a nice life above natives. They become the ultra live-epitome of christianity. They build domes as a signature for their countries and imperial dreams. They have strong romanticism to church. They have a strong presence in the U.S in the form of intolerance of African people and refuse to mingle. They love aristocrats, an artful living, and want a European Union to rule it, as an empire, by panicking of European people to trust in their rule – a sort of doomsday panic to trap Whites into believing they are under siege.

    What is the lure of these places? Castles, feudalism, groupism, etc using Biblical prophecies. This is what it is posited:

    “Bible prophecy reveals that this will happen.

    In Revelation 17-18, God describes the German-led, Vatican-influenced empire that is emerging in Europe. This empire is actually the prophesied seventh resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire, and its economy is being led by many of the same families who led it in the past. The European Union is espousing a type of crony capitalism that emulates the structure of Europe’s old feudal system.

    The world is so ignorant of the Holy Roman Empire that even most Europeans don’t see what is happening, much less how it poses a deadly threat to the world. To understand, read our free booklet Who or What Is the Prophetic Beast?, by Herbert W. Armstrong.”

    They practice expansionism and grab the least-unsuspecting people to add as proof of belief system and culture. They imitate British colonization -sad. and make their adherents to sadly live in the Namibian desert and call it an empire of Germans aka holy roman empire. The ultimate snow white castles. Its a religious establishment of north Europeans. Its actually wealth-touting BS.

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