Wealth v Income, A Danger To Your Startup


Yorbing Staff Monday July 8, 2019

*Featured Image: PrimePropertiesto.com.

By Robert Reich, May 13, 2019, ‘Wealth is parked in investments that generates even more wealth. Wealth is passed on from generation to generation. Race and sexism contributes to wealth disparities. If government depends on taxes to run itself, it should go where the money at. Certainly not at those pinching pennies.

And a clear-eyed summary of what we face as Americans. Its dire. It is the leadership of the government of money. Its government and industrialists in key sectors of the country.

And contemporary American economic prowess and failures..

Robert Reich, July 8, 2019:

The poor and the middle class are the job creators, not the rich at the very top.

‘CEOs now gets 361% raise because they control the compensation committee. They use corporate profit to buy back more shares of the stocks so that their total compensation rises even more.

And they are monopolizing the economy at the same time.

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