White Supremacists And Hate Crime Judiciary Committee Hearing

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday April 10, 2019

This hearing highlighted some key reasons for the debilitating struggle that pervades in American daily lifestyle. A struggle to dehumanize minorities. What is the cause of this?

What is mentioned: Dred Scot (in 1857) eons ago which we have to contend with: A bunch of dreads. European immigrants to America dreading natives and African Americans decide (in kangaroo court) to uphold their hold unto power and belittle everyone else, for the sake of self preservation. These Europeans said that a person of African descent could not be a citizen of their new country “America”.

White supremacists skinheads in court. Image: Oyez.org

These guys are always constantly upholding something to keep questions of conflicts and religious zealotry just so they will decide who is who. The key is Europeanism, a region north of continental Africa, who by some time became weak militarily and got hounded by Europe and ended up enslaved for a long spell of time.

No body asked Europe to be a military might or even an empire, first causing civil wars within their own societies and bringing the fight across waters. Who made these masters over whom? If its not for peaceful means, its overruled. Slavery by itself was long the disease of European societies, the strong over the weak and the wealthy over the poor. No one is born inferior.

And who should be the disadvantaged group for the other to be over the other? No wonder they call them white supremacists. They are like that everywhere on earth! Look at the maps.

Maybe the court system is a civility accorded to each society based for conflict resolutions. Otherwise, apota!

Why would white supremacists hole up in Namibia and southern Africa with the same concept? Why, are they hungry? For what?

And who told you that America land belongs to whites only? That is the most absurd idea ever! They wouldn’t have spilled blood for it. It would have belonged to them. And who gave America to whites? Europeans fought for it. It doesn’t necessarily means it belongs to them. Force doesn’t might right. Its like two lovers murdering a spouse to take over.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife or land. You shall continue to be illegitimate so far as you are not for peace and for war.

Slavery, land occupation, invasions are genocidal and ethnic cleansing.

White supremacy is ethnocentrism and genocidal.

Africans themselves have to set up a high court to judge Europeans’ genocide of African slavery. They have to take command of their own decisions to adjudicate slavery and human right abuse suffered for centuries. Europeans are perpetrators, why should they be the ones judging. Of course they will favor themselves.

Now leave us alone.

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