White Supremacists Real Fears And Anxieties

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Yorbing Staff Tuesday March 19, 2019

European-descent people and their excessive luxurious lifestyle causing intolerance of others less fortunate than them, resulting in imperiousness and murderous rages against others. Its their world, their stretch across the globe empire and they are at the zenith of their game. This is the best time for people of European-descent. But the gap between the fortunate and less fortunate, of them, is not being addressed.

Daily Show Trevor Noah on White Supremacism:

ABC Australia in America ABC News:

European societies across boundaries live their luxurious lifestyle to the hilt and Trump is a picture perfect of that lifestyle. He calls Africa countries shitholes, meaning he is not like them or their dirty, failed countries. And they are right in every single decision they make, be it economic, trade networks, and politics. Its easy to see how these cultures have created a wealth gap and Paris burning.

Anger and dismay of those affected go unheeded. So they protest.

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