Whites’ Population Growth & Contemporary Migration

world population review

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday March 20, 2019

The persistent outcry of migrants by Europeans is their own exponential population growth. The size of west Europe might be the size of Congo DRC but the population density is over 743Million.

A so-called Jew tells a White to block Muslims from Australia, maybe Australia is too nice, and its gorgeous layout is too possessive for other races to come in to enjoy. Whites invade, chop off a few heads, wall it and claim it as theirs. Earth has become a big artistic sitting room for whites to dwell in- all neat, nicely laid out and pleasing to the eye. Nice architectures and asphalted road, perfectly done pools, gardens and lawns. How dare those marauding tribes come in to dwell with them. Kill them all. Or is it? Its like saying, whites have right to carve out earth they like to build neat communities for themselves. Burn Aborigines, shitholes.

Get rid of African Tribal people, probably in Namibia?

German Propaganda in southern parts of Africa:

Or maybe Zulus in Orania?

Or a genocidal repetition of this?:

Even on Africa’s own northern soil and waterway on the Mediterranean, the landmass is blocked by whites. And for what reason? Remember northern Africa to Spain was Africa’s territories and original nativity. Whites and Arabs pretend the northern Africa’s boundaries belong to them historically. In-fact northern Africa boundaries were invaded by the two groups. There’s nothing wrong with that. They can live anywhere they like. Now they claim it as their own, to African’s eternal misery. The tide is horribly turned and Africans become continued losers, in this occupational battles. So far Africans have been pushed into harsh weather lands where they dwell. But even then its viciously contested by the two groups.

Whites are in Asia contesting Chinese for their waterways too. Its time to build a wall against whites invasion. Population growth will get all of us.

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